In the following section we will guide you through the setting Manage employees.

The basic setup of your platform is in order. You can always get a brush-up of the rudimentary settings by returning to Step 1.

Now, you are ready to add your employees to the platform. 

There are two different methods to add your employees to the platform. You can either import your employees through a file, or you can add each employee manually. We will guide you through both methods below. 


Import employees

In the setting Manage employees you can download an import template with a CSV-file. 

You can choose to either upload a CSV-file with all fields from the employee data card, or a file that only contains fields marked as mandatory. 

Regardless of the CSV-file you pick, the platform will require you to fill out all mandatory fields. 




When you have filled out the CSV-file, it is time to upload, analyse, and import it. You upload it by clicking Select file, and then the file will be analysed. The platform is very sensitive as it contains personal data, and it will register any discrepancies. It is important that you fill out the fields on the employee data card in the CVS-file, so that they correspond to the data the platform needs. 


When the CSV-file has been analysed and approved, you can start the import. The duration of the import depends on the number of employees. If, at a later time you need to do a large update of your employee data set, you can do so under the setting Manage employees. The process is the same as that of importing employees, except you must choose the tab Update employee data. 


Add employee

When it is time for you to add an employee, you do so in the module Employees. Hence, we move away from Settings




Click Add employee and fill out the employee data card. The first tab to fill out is your required fields. This is also where you can transfer new employees from your account on HR-ON Recruit.

The other tabs contain the remaining data card fields that you set up in your Data Card Setup.

Under the last tab Settings, you can opt to give the employee access by generating a new password. When you add the employee you do not have to give them access right away, as you can always do so by clicking Send login information as described in in the guide: Properties of the Employee Tab.


Import new employees from HR-ON Recruit

The integration for HR-ON Recruit must be switched on before you can import new employees. You can check this by going to the setting External Integration. If the integration is red it means that it is switched off, and you have to contact our Customer Success Team who will help you. 


It is important that the status of the new employee in Recruit is set on Hired. Then, you can click Fetch data from HR-ON Recruit. A window will appear in which you can see the data that will be imported from HR-ON Recruit. You can edit this data to fit your particular needs. 


We have now been through how to either import employees or manually add them. The next guide will be on the Properties of the Employee Tab.




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